Defending Traffic Violations in San Antonio and Bexar County

In Texas, a traffic violation can subject you to expensive fines,substantial increases in insurance rates, (or even loss of coverage) and ultimately the loss of privilege to drive if you are assessed a number or points against your license. Commercial drivers (CDL) are at risk of losing their jobs in some instances if they receive even one conviction!

Commercial Drivers are at risk because Municipal and Justice Courts by law cannot offer probation or a Driver Safety course dismissal.  These cases must either  be postponed for trial or be prepared for trial or appealed to County Court to seek relief.

All drivers are subject to paying annual surcharges to the state to keep their license if they acquire more than six (6) points in any three year period.

At the Law Offices of Gordon Slade in San Antonio, Texas, we assist our clients by either seeking dismissals or negotiating with the prosecutors to keep your driving record clean. In most cases, you will not have to appear in court.. We provide representation designed to save you time and money, while protecting your driving record and your rights.

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Traffic Ticket Defense in San Antonio and Bexar County
Our firm represents drivers in traffic cases in San Antonio and the
Bexar County area, including:
* Failure to provide proof of insurance  
* Aggressive driving   * Speeding   * Red light violations
* Lane change violations   * Failure to obey stop signs  
* License violations   * School Zone charges   * Parking tickets
*  Cell Phone Violator  *  Child Seatbelt 

When you call the Law offices of Gordon W. Slade, you can confer directly with Mr. Slade and discuss your case and legal options.

We can help you protect your driving record. We have over 21 years experience in defending traffic violations. We provide free consultations. Calll or Text us Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 or email us today.

* Every driver's case is unique. However, we will do our best to achieve the best result possible given the facts of your case.
traffic ticket defense attorney san antonio texas

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