San Antonio and Bexar County, Texas, Traffic Warrants Attorney

After receiving a traffic citation in the city of San Antonio, you have two to four weeks to pay your ticket or appear in court to contest it.  The amount of time depends on whether the citation is electronically or manually issued. If you do not go to court or pay the fine, a warrant will issued for your arrest and the court will set a bond for each violation.  Most bonds are set at $200 to $500. The court may require that you post cash bonds in order to reset your case. Hiring an attorney familiar with the municipal justice system can avoid these problems and extra expenses. Even if you have warrants for your arrest before you call us, often we can still settle your case and keep your record clean for no more than the traffic ticket fine.

When a court issues a traffic warrant, it notifies DPS. You will not be allowed to apply for a driver license or renew your driver license until the matter is completely resolved. You are in many instances subject to arrest at work, your home, possibly in other cities besides San Antonio. Often we can urge the court to reset a missed court date for our clients without posting a bond. Don't wait. If you have warrants, contact us immediately to discuss your case.

Since 1992, we have represented thousands of citizens charged with traffic violations in the city of San Antonio and the Bexar County area.  The vast majority of our cases result ultimately in the dismissal of the case. Each case is different. If your case has gone to warrant, call us today. In some cases we can get warrants withdrawn the same day you call.

Any traffic violation can result in a warrant if you fail to comply with the timelines set out in law. 

Traffic ticket warrants San Antonio Bexar County Texas

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