Why and How You Should Fight Traffic Tickets in San Antonio

The vast majority of drivers that receive a traffic ticket just pay the fine and don’t think about it again. However, that may not be the best course of action for you to take. Most people are unaware that something as seemingly innocent as a traffic ticket can end up having long-lasting consequences.
If you have been cited for any traffic violation, including driving without insurance, failure to yield or speeding, you need to think about the potential consequences and benefits of fighting your traffic ticket with the assistance of an attorney. traffic ticket lawyersent

Why You Should Fight Traffic Tickets

The most obvious reason for fighting a traffic ticket is the fine that comes along with it. You may still believe that paying the fine, which is usually a couple of hundred dollars, is worth it as it takes care of the issue and you don’t have to spend any extra money or time fighting the ticket in court. But have you really taken into consideration the hidden costs of traffic tickets?
Not contesting the ticket means it will go on your record, increasing your car insurance premiums by around 25%. Another hidden cost is the points you accrue against your driving privileges. The state of Texas has a points system, where drivers accumulate different point totals for various types of moving violations. You can end up forfeiting your driving privileges if you accrue a sufficient amount of points.
Don’t be fooled into thinking it takes a lot of points to lose your driver’s license; it takes fewer violations than you may think. The only way to ensure you don’t earn points on your license is to fight your ticket successfully.

How to Fight Traffic Tickets

Have you ever wondered if it’s really worth your money and time to go to court and fight your traffic ticket? You may be surprised to learn that government officials are thinking the same thing, and truthfully, it’s not worth the effort for them. A great deal of money is made by government entities when it comes to traffic tickets, but only if those that get written just get paid without any questions or court appearances.
Judges and prosecutors are not willing to spend any more time than they need to on a contested traffic ticket, and tickets are a volume business when it comes to the police, as they commonly write more than a dozen tickets a week. Fighting your traffic ticket means the police officer could be too busy to show up to court, so you are very likely to win your case.
Another way to fight your ticket is by taking advantage of a technical reading of the law. When you break the elements of your offense into several individual pieces, there is a high chance that you can prove that one or more of them are not valid in your case.
There is also the matter of the equipment functioning properly. For example, had the radar gun used by the officer to check your speed been recalibrated? You may not be aware, but radar guns require a recalibration every 30 to 60 days.
Basically, there are lots of possible defenses you can take advantage of and beat your traffic ticket. It may be more time-consuming than just paying for the ticket, but the benefits outweigh the consequences, and it’s a good return on investment. Contact a San Antonio traffic ticket defense attorney to explore your options.