Is it Really Necessary To Pay a Red Light Camera Ticket in Texas?

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want to pay a red light camera ticket. Perhaps you object to red light cameras as an idea or due to your moral code; maybe you don’t believe that you actually ran a red light, or perhaps you just don’t want to part with your hard-earned money.
If you have received a red light camera ticket in Texas, you are faced with more options than you may believe. Before getting out your checkbook or credit card, read through these questions to find out if it’s really necessary to pay your red light camera ticket. Traffic ticket Attorney san anton

Will the debt be sent to collections if I don’t pay?

Unfortunately, yes. If you don’t pay, your red light camera fine will be sent to a collection eventually, and you could start to receive collection calls. If that seems like too much hassle for you, then just pay the ticket and move on. Otherwise, keep reading!

Will a red light camera ticket show up on my driving record?

Thankfully, no. State law says that unpaid camera tickets will not be reported on the driving record of the vehicle’s owner, and arrest warrants will not be issued either.
Can I renew my vehicle registration with an unpaid camera ticket?
The Texas DMV has the authority to refuse to register the car that was alleged to be involved in a camera violation, also known as scofflaw block. Your registration will be blocked if you attempt to renew online directly through the DMV.
However, if you try to register in person with the county-assessor collector, you may be able to resume your registration, as some countries believe that it’s not worth the effort to force drivers to pay their traffic tickets.

Will my credit score be affected by the unpaid debt?

According to Texas law, any red light camera tickets that have not been paid cannot be reported to a credit bureau. However, you may still need to pay the fine depending on the city where your ticket was issued. Grandfather cities can still report unpaid penalties if they were not regulated before 2007.
What if the program was already ended by the city?
Various Cities in Texas have decided via a vote to finish their red light camera programs. However, you could still be liable to pay for your ticket if you received one while the camera programs were still in effect.
Cities are still collecting fines for traffic violations caught on camera. For example, while it ended the program in 2010, Houston is still collecting fines and warns that there is no statute of limitations which would prohibit them from obtaining the fine.

Do I have any other options?

If you want to contest or fight the ticket, you need to follow the listed directions on your ticket, so you can ask for this option to be sent to court. Don’t believe that just because it was a camera that issued your violation and not a person, there won’t be anyone opposing you in court.
Texas police departments state that the footage of each violation is reviewed by an officer, who then signs off before issuing the ticket. Therefore, it’s essential that if you want to contest your ticket in court, you consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio.